Welcome to Dave Mappin Racing

About Me

Ive been running events for over 6 years, I’m fully CRB checked and based in Sheffield.  In that time the track has visited, Festivals, Model Shows, Birthday Parties, Classic Car Rallies, Car Dealerships, Stately Homes, Scout huts, back gardens, railway stations, shops, factories  and quite few other places you wouldn’t expect to see a race track.


The track is suitable for any event where you need an interactive, exciting, hands on attraction, be that a birthday party or a more formal structured event.

If at all possible I will try to key the track into to your event theme.

For example, the track was in the shape of the word STEM at an event focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

The major requirements are a flattish, clean area and a mains voltage 240V power supply. Tables to put the track on are good but by no means essential .

Digital Racing

There are some major differences between the system we use and what most people would think of as a conventional “scaletrix” track, these include;

  • The cars can change lanes, overtake and block opponents.
  • Cars top speed and acceleration can be limited allowing younger or less experienced drivers to enjoy the race with less chance of leaving the track.
  • Up to six drivers race against each other on the track at once with computer controlled opponents.
  • A optional simuated fuel system brings a element of strategy to the racing, run out of fuel and return to the pits or your car laps dont count..
  • A sophisticated timing system provides real time race information.
  • Computer controlled Police Cars and Wrecker Trucks can join the race.
  • Record your race with our  “Go-Pro” Car .
  • Wireless Hand Controllers.

The Track System

The track system I currently use is a German system called Carrera, the track rails are made from Stainless Steel, which enables it to be used outdoors without the risk of the track rusting, the Carrera track system is also wider than other track systems so allowing bigger 1/24 scale cars and allows cars to “drift” more without leaving the track.

The track runs on a safe 14V DC supply, but I do ask that fingers (especially small ones are kept well away).

“Link to track picture”

The Cars

There are a wide range of cars to suit your event.

  • Modern -The awe-inspiring Lamborghini Huracán GT3,  Ferrari 458 Italia,  Chevrolet Corvette, Porsche.
  • Classic- Ford Capri, VW Golf, VW Beetle, BMW, Porsche 917
  • Mario Karts
  • Disney “Cars” movie characters Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez and Max Schnell.


Contact Details

For further details please contact davemappinracing@gmail.com or 07766526056




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